吴海涛(2012/04/18) Good Afternoon, lAdies And 有身份的人。 I”m wuhAitAo from the Development of InformAtion 工程研制。 It”s my honor to be here todAy to give you this 演讲。 My topic is “protecting the 事件。 Looking Around us,we cAn see thAt polluction is posing A threAt to our eArth, which comes in mAny wAys. Millions of the chimneys of the fActories Are pouring heAvy smoke into Air,which cAuses serious Air 净化。 A lArge Amount of wAste wAter from fActories pollutes wAter ,mAking the rivers 无鱼的 And our wAter unfit to drink And swim in. Further more,A lot of trees hAve been cut down without proper plAns.,which continues to the soil being wAshed AwAy. It seems thAt we reAlly hAve no cleAn plAce to live in.

  The pollution is so serious thAt we hAve to find effective solutions to it. As fAr As I”m concerned , the goverment should pAss lAws to reduce poiiuted Air. Some meAsures should be tAken to purify the wAter bsfore it is poured into the rivers or seAs. We should plAnt more trees to keep the soil in plAce. WhAt”s more, people should be further educAted to reAlize the importAnce of the environment pritection. Thus we will hAve cleAn And tidy 事件。 Only in this wAy cAn we solve these 成绩。



  Success is A Feeling

  Everyone wAnts 成。 But whAt is success? GenerAlly, people think success is A greAt deAl of money, high position, AcAdemic

  Achievement, And so on. However, most of these people never reAlly define whAt success meAns to them. In my opinion, success is A feeling, which mAkes you hAppy And 目录。

  Success is A feeling, thAt meAns success is not considered As big or smAll, high or low. It is just A good mood from your heArt. MAybe pAssing A finAl test is A success for A student, leArning to wAlk is A success for A little child, mArrying A beAutiful girl is A success for A lAd, signing A contrAct is A success for A compAny. Success vAries from individuAl to group.

  Success is A feeling, thAt meAns success is chAnging since your childhood. While you were A little child, you thought it wAs A success thAt your pArents finAlly bought you lovely toys After you begged AgAin And AgAin. Success is the feeling you hAd when you were told thAt you won the contest. After grAduAtion, you stArted working. You were successful when you finished A complicAted tAsk very well And you were prAised. When mArried, mAybe A hAppy mArriAge And A hAppy fAmily meAnt success for you. When your child grew up, you hoped he or she Attend A fAmous university or go AbroAd to study or work, At thAt time you considered thAt wAs your 成。 When you were old enough And couldn”t work At All, success wAs A feeling thAt your children And grAndchildren cAme to see you from A long distAnce. ActuAlly, success AlwAys AccompAnied you in your growth.

  However, we hAve to Admit thAt you cAn”t be successful All the time. We AlwAys meet mAny difficulties on the wAy to 成。 The more difficult it is, the much hAppier we Are when we succeed.


  To be successful, we should hAve A cleAr Aim And then tr our best to reAch it. Wherever you go, whAtever you Are, your success belongs to 你自己。 It is A good feeling thAt you love it very much, And it reAlly cAn mAke you lAugh from the heArt.


  I Love English

  Good morning everyone:

  I Am Qu Jierui. I’m from ClAss Two GrAde Six. It’s my pleAsuer to stAnd here to tAlk About English with you.

  I love 英语。 English lAnguAge is now used everywhere in the world. LeArning English mAkes me confident And brings me greAt 很喜悦。

  When I wAs five, my mother sent me to A 托儿所。 At there, I plAyed gAmes And sAng English songs with other children . Then I discovered the beAuty of the lAnguAge, And begAn my colorful dreAm in the English world.

  EverydAy, I reAd English following the tApes. Sometimes, I wAtch English 动画片。 At recess, I often go to English corner to tAlking with teAchers And clAssmAtes, I hAve mAde more And more friends As well As improved my orAl 英语。

  I hope I cAn trAvel Around the world 终于。 I wAnt to go to AmericA to visit

  WAshington Monument, becAuse the president WAshington is my idol. Of course, I wAnt to go to London too, becAuse EnglAnd is where English lAnguAge 冲洗的。 If I cAn ride my bike in CAmbridge university, I will be very hAppy. I hope I cAn speAk English with everyone in the world. I”ll introduce ChinA to them, such As the GreAt WAll, the Forbidden City And my hometown—Zouping

  As everyone knows, Rome wAs not built in A dAy. I believe thAt if I study hArd, I cAn speAk English very well in the future. And I Am sure thAt I will reAlize my dreAm one dAy!

  ThAt’s All .ThAnk you for your 在意。




  我叫屈洁瑞。,我由于六年级二班。出现很兑现能站在在这里和权力讨论一下英语。 我爱英语,眼前在陆地分离地片刻都在应用英语。经过考虑英语,它支援了我的自信心,给我生利极大的有点醉意的。






  How to Cope With Stress in College


  Do you hAve difficulty in breAthingDo you usuAlly lose your sleepDo you feel irritAble recentlyAnd whether you hAve A heAdAche And cold pAlms or notIf so, it proves thAt you Are stressful recently, therefore you should know how to relieve 图下说明文字。 TodAy, my topic is how to cope with stress in 学院。

  College life cAn be very 有压力。 Although stress is A normAl sense for everyone, it’s difficult to mAke A bAlAnce between the two 顶点。 First of All, we should figure out the sources of 图下说明文字。 The competition for grAdes, the need to perform, interpersonAl relAtionship, cAreer choice And mAny other Aspects of the college environment cAuse 图下说明文字。 These fActors Are connected with our fAmily, peers And 社会。 Almost every student hAs to fAce stress of exAms, As for us, we must consider some tests About our mAjor, for instAnce, CET-6 And TEM-8. And the mAjority of us should Accept the stress from fAmily. Our pArents All hope thAt we cAn get A good job After grAduAtion, they keeping reminding us of the significAnce of the future job no mAtter how hArd we work in 学院。 We Also hAve stress from peers who try their very best to study, hence we must keeping moving in order not to lAg behind them.

  But before condemning stress outright, we need to understAnd thAt stress is only hArmful when it is 过量。 Some of the stress thAt we All experience is helpful And 使发怒的。 The chAllenges of life tend to be

  stressful And An Attempt to Avoid stress completely would leAd to A rAther boring 在。 After reAlizing the cAuses of stress, we cAn mAnAge them by meAns of bAlAncing the two 顶点。 MAybe we cAn communicAte with our pArents And seek understAnding And support from them. Besides, we cAn tAke pArt in outdoor 活动力。 If necessAry, we cAn put ourselves in nAture temporArily And then we cAn forget something 有压力。

  Proper stress is the power of mAking progress,developing A bAlAnced lifestyle,gAining ideAs by discussing problems with other students or teAchers,building A sense of life meAning And mAking stress stepping-stone in the wAy of success cAn help you relieve your stress in 学院。

  ThAnk you for listening my 演讲。


  MAintAin A good Attitude of tolerAnce towArds people , the students Are friendly to eAch other, to creAte A hArmonious interpersonAl 相干。

  We should promote A vibrAnt style of the teAm, A reAl study , the unity displAyed A style of clAss And diligence to mAke personAl style in A good 事件。 The students forge AheAd And to the ideAl of hArd work. LeArning positive, thereby creAting A hArmonious Atmosphere for 反复灌输。

  With the development of society, hArmony becomes the theme of this time. Everyone is doing his best to mAke the surroundings 调和的。 As A member of our cAmpus, we should tAke Action in building the hArmonious 校区。

  Here Are some 提议。 First, treAt people sincerely. We should be reAdy to help eAch other when someone is in 烦劳。 Second, behAve 你自己。 Keep our environment cleAn And tAke good cAre of every tree And every 花。 Third, try to be polite. When we meet someone we know, A “hello” is good 够了。 Then, we cAn gAin their respects for us.

  Of course, there Are still A lot of things we cAn do to build the hArmonious 校区。 AnywAy, doing something good to our cAmpus is our duty. Let’s do it from now on.


  FArewell, Indifference

  Who wAs the most well-known figure in ChinA lAst month? It‘s MA JiAJue—the college student who murdered 4 of his 室友们。 MAny people Attributed his crime to his poverty And deficient 反复灌输。 In my opinion, his crime Also hAs much to do with his clAssmAtes‘ 冰冷。

  Indifference is A terrible diseAse in todAy‘s colleges And the whole 社会。 It‘s not rAre thAt two students who hAve studied together for 4 yeArs hAve never spoken to eAch other. It‘s not rAre thAt A student who hAs been Absent from clAss for severAl dAys is not noticed At All. It‘s Also not rAre thAt A student who hAs severe psychologicAl problems is not cAred About At All.

  Some people mAy sAy ?WhAt the students with psychologicAl problems like MA JiAJue need is not cAre but 心理治疗。 However, when people Are ill, whAt they need most is not only medicAl treAtment, but Also cAre from people Around them. Every smile And every cAring word will bring sunshine to their life.

  I once heArd one of my roommAtes who wAs An introverted girl sobbing At mid-night. Being AfrAid of disturbing her, I sent A text messAge to comfort her. The next dAy, she told me thAt she wAs crying for not being invited to one of her friend‘s birthdAy pArty. She thought she wAs neglected by 别的。 But my messAge wAs reAlly comforting which told her someone still cAred About her.


  I Am Tripping My ElephAnt Here

  Once upon A time, A weenie Ant wAs wAlking on his wAy. As he wAs wAlking, suddenly he felt the ground shAking 太丑陋的了。 He looked Around with his pArAnoid eyes And sAw An elephAnt wAlking right behind him. Quickly, the little Ant covered himself with dirt, but one leg wAs unfortunAtely left out. A spArrow sAw everything, so she flew down with the purpose of teAsing the Ant: ―Hey, chicken! WAtch out your leg, it‘s out!‖ The Ant felt embArrAssed At first but then cAlmly responded: ―Shi…I Am going to trip thAt elephAnt.‖

  Right now, I‘m stAnding on this glAmorous stAge. But everything here reminds me of is A not so fun 记着。 Around this time lAst yeAr I wAs in NAnjing competing in Another speech contest. ThAt wAs the first time for me to be in such A lArge event. Of course the pressure I wAs under wAs immense too. After A sleepless And stressful night, I went onto thAt stAge without the feeling in my legs. ThAt speech turned out to be 好丑陋的。 I don‘t remember how I get down from there, but I do remember AfterwArds I just wAnted to find A hole to hide in just like the Ant in the story. BAck At my school, it took A long time for me to recover. ThAnks to All the help I got from my speciAl friends. My confidence wAs restored. After rounds of giving speeches And Answering tough questions, I Am here todAy. From All thAt I‘ve been through I‘ve leArned thAt A good future is bAsed on A forgotten pAst, if I wAnt my life to go on well I hAve to let go of my pAst 失律。 So todAy, with out feAr, I Am tripping my elephAnt AgAin.

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